The Intro

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The Intro
I used to write. A lot, actually. In fact, Word Strings used to just be a tab titled "embroidery" on a website called What started in endless journals lead itself to a personal blog, became part of what led me to pursue journalism in school, and what pushed me to start stitching words into clothes, back in the day. 
If you don't know, the name of this little company of mine is named after the idea of stringing words together to inspire, motivate, or uplift folks who read them. It made a lot more sense when everything that I made was hand-embroidered, hense stringing (stitching) words onto sweatshirts.
In the last few months, I have had the joy of watching this business of mine unfold in front of my eyes. I have seen the beauty of the internet, the power of social media– the power of words. Reading comments that have filled my eyes with tears and my heart with overwhelming amounts of gratitude has put into perspective what kind of community is being built before me.


On a call recently, a woman asked me what my values of Word Strings were, and why I felt that people decided to support my business. And I answered that I felt, at times, to some people, to me, it's more than a business. I treat it as more than that. It's a dream coming to life. People believe in that, and I believe in them.


It got me thinking about how lucky I am to have this platform and I decided I needed to be better about using it. Which is how I ended up here, writing this post.


The WS Post will be a place to share the meaning behind new products, the company wins, your wins, big news, big dreams, big ideas. I want this to be our space. I want to take Word Strings to back where it started. I hope you don't mind.
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