Putting a Bow On It With PackM

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Putting a Bow On It With PackM

It seems we are all in our bow era right now, though mine started the very first time I watched Eloise when I was six. Here we are now. When it comes to Word Strings brand, I knew bows and pretty things would be an important element of our visual identity. 

I’ve always desired to have luxurious packaging that reflects the very heart of Word Strings– and the first step towards that starts now! With the help of PackM I have designed custom mailers that will keep your packages safe until they arrive to your mailbox. 

The process started on my iPad. I sat down and drew up a few drafts of what I had envisioned, adjusting till I knew I was at a product I loved. I decided on a watercolor-like frame with the words “with love, always” inside, a staple phrase to Word Strings. 

After that, it was as simple as uploading my design to their easy to use portal, where I was shown a 3-D mockup of the mailer. I submitted my design and awaited a final proof from the PackM team! After approval, it was just a waiting game till they arrived– which didn’t take long at all.

I am so excited to be adding one more layer of brand identity to your experience as a customer. I cant wait for these pretty packages to start arriving on your doorstep, besides, pretty things come wrapped up in (Word) Strings. 


*This is a sponsored blog post.


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